A little about our cats:

 Lets start by saying that we don't consider ourselves a business, rather just a hobby that we are greatly passionate towards. Our family has always  had a  passion for hairless  cats  and started a cattery once we got a second cat to bring joy to others, as  our  cats do to us. Our  Peterbalds are registered in TICA and our Ukrainian Levkoys are registed in  ICFA; all  kittens  come  with  their Pedigrees, as  well  as a veterinary health certificate and a guarantee. We  are one of the  ONLY  breeders of  Ukrainian  Levkoys in the U.S, so  they are  extremely  rare  here and  even  fairly new  around  Europe. Two of our Levkoys (Tisa and Roma)  are WCF World Show Champions. Along  with  Levkoys, we have Peterbalds with champion bloodlines  coming all the way from Moscow, Russia. We  ship our kittens for  an additional fee of $350 via Delta  Airlines, although we do prefer to meet with you and guarentee the safety  and love of our kittens. All kittens are sold as household pets ONLY.  Text/E-  mail  to schedule and appointment and meet  your potential kitten!!

CONTACT US for more information on available kittens, puppies and future litters!

                                                                                                   A little about  our dogs :

We are big fans of the toy terrier breed due to their small size, smooth coat, and personality. Naturally, we started breeding them as a hobby. Our breeding dogs are imported from Ukraine and come from championship bloodlines. We are the only smooth haired toy terrier breeder in the US, striving to breed healthy puppies. These puppies are loyal, highly intelligent, and very friendly. Fully grown, toy terrier dogs range from 3 to 6 pounds. They can be vocal but are not aggressive.